I‘m Calypso, a French-American wanderer who’s been dreaming about traveling from Alaska to la Tierra del Fuego for over a decade. Born and raised in France, I studied international business and Chinese in Dublin before doing a Master’s in the management of humanitarian projects in Paris.

Over the years, I also took numerous international law and human rights education courses in the hope of facilitating groups on subjects dear to me. I believe we must connect and empathize with each other to minimize the suffering prejudice and discrimination entail. From gender equality and climate change to native rights and social struggles, I hope to look at how human rights are lived and culturally shaped throughout the continent. Therefore, you can expect to find some articles and interviews about things I have found interesting on the way. They might be related to human rights, but not only. You will probably also find content about my experiences, photos I have taken, life stories, or even just fun debates that came up.

Since my first solo travel in 2019, I have visited and/or lived in over 15 countries in Europe and Asia. Today, I am starting my five-year journey across the American continent, bringing me to 19 countries. I intend to take my time, work when I want/need to, volunteer for social and environmental projects, and just enjoy while I do. 

Follow along as I travel from Alaska to Argentina and let me know what you think 😉

With love,


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