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Federal presidential constitutional republic

Where does it stand on international treaties and conventions ?

Signed August 12th, 1949, and ratified August 2nd, 1955.

Reservations on Article 68, Paragraph 2: The penal provisions promulgated by the Occupying Power in accordance
with Articles 64 and 65 may impose the death penalty on a protected person only in cases where the person is guilty of espionage, of serious acts of sabotage against the military installations of the Occupying Power or of intentional offences which have caused the death of one or more persons, provided that such offences were punishable by death under the law of the occupied territory in force before the occupation began.

-> The USA reserves the right to impose the death penalty “without regard to whether the offences referred to therein are punishable by death under the law of the occupied territory at the time the occupation begins” (formulated by the Representative of the USA at the time of the signature and maintained throughout ratification).

Party to 2005 Additional Protocol III only.

Signed April 22nd, 2016, and accepted January 20th, 2021. 

Signed October 5th, 1977. Not ratified.  

Signed on October 5th, 1977, and ratified on June 8th, 1992.

Signed April 18th, 1988, and ratified October 21st, 1994. 

Signed on September 28th, 1966, and ratified on October 21st, 1994. 

Signed on February 16th, 1995. Not ratified. 

Signed July 30th, 2009. Not ratified. 

Signed on December 11th, 1948, and ratified on November 25th, 1988. 

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