10+ years ago

The idea of an Alaska-Argentina trip

About 10 years ago, I began to dream of traveling from Alaska to Argentina. At first, it was meant to be a short trip, but over time it evolved into a multi-year journey focused on researching and discussing human rights issues.

2018 – 2022

Trained in Human Rights Education

I pursued education in International Human Rights, Criminal, and Humanitarian law by taking courses both at my university and online. I am grateful to Dr. Suzanne Egan for helping me in this regard. Additionally, I enrolled in trainings for trainers offered by Comhlamh Ireland and Ulex, which equipped me with skills to facilitate activities and events promoting human rights issues.

September 2021

Masters’ thesis on the project

During my Masters program, I collaborated with Caroline Brandao, the director of international humanitarian law at the French Red Cross, to refine my ideas and plan the logistics of my project. After months of work, I completed my thesis entitled “Human rights education to ease social tensions and participate in a peace process : The case of Beyond Borders in Colombia”.

March – May 2022

Hawila Project

To reduce my carbon emissions, I decided I would sail across the Atlantic and that’s how I became involved with the Hawila Project in Denmark. Through this incredible initiative, I made good friends and learned a great deal about sailing and shipbuilding. The amazing project focuses on using a 35-meter-long sailing boat from 1935 to raise awareness about the impact of maritime transport on climate change. The ship was undergoing renovations in Holbaek, Denmark at the time. Therefore, I split my time between being on board and working on the organization’s strategic restructuring.

Summer 2022

Sailing trips and preparations

Following my time in Denmark, my desire to sail from Europe to America increased even more. As a result, I embarked on several sailing expeditions with various captains and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. I navigated through the Biscay Bay, sailed from Eastbourne, UK to Calais, France, and partook in a few day trips. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a captain to cross the Atlantic with in 2022 and ultimately had to book a flight.

October 2022

Stress-management in high-risk areas training with Special Forces

To be honest, I did it for fun. However, it did help me prepare for some security aspects of the trip, such as kidnapping, self-defense, implementing security measures and utilizing government resources in case of emergency.

October 20th, 2022

Departure from France

After hours spent on deciding what to bring and what to leave behind, I said goodbye to my friends and family to embark on a flight from Paris to New York.

October 20th – November 7th 2022

New York

Spent time with my friends and visited around.

November 8th – November 14th 2022


Spent time with Louise and Marin.

November 14th 2022 – January 2nd 2023


Visited Christa and her family. Spent time with Helen and Justin. Ate a lot of Philly Cheese steaks and became an Eagles’ fan.

January 3rd – April 30th 2023


Worked at Alyeska resort as a front desk agent, then as a barista. Also worked at the Double Musky Inn and at Alyeska hostel.
Learnt how to snowboard.
Enjoyed the dark snowy days.

April 26th – 27th 2023

Fairbanks – getting Eileen

Drove up with Gil and Malachi to get my 1999 Chevy Express 3500. She became Eileen this summer thanks to my friend Mooney’s “Come on, Eileen” graffiti.

May 11th – August 13th 2023

Skilak Lake

Worked for Alaska Wildland Adventure. Learnt how to be a guide and learnt lots about plants and wildlife. Saw my first bears, whales, orcas, eagles, …
Went on beautiful hikes and backpacking trips.

August 13th – September 8th 2023

Traveling and enjoying Alaska

My dad came over and traveled with me for a while. Went to Hope, Homer, Portage, Whittier, Palmer, and Denali State Park.
Also prepared for the upcoming big journey and said goodbye to my life here in the last frontier.

September 9th – September 14th 2023

Alaska – Yukon convoy

The Athletes convoy, composed of Addie, Brock, Ryan, Ben and Slava, travelled 2,500 miles from Palmer, AK to Grande Prairie, AB. We detoured through Valdez and Skagway and had a little emergency stop in Fort Nelson. Eileen got nicknamed Mama Duck for leading the group.

September 14th – September 29th 2023

Canadian National Parks and road trip

Visited Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Glacier National parks. Met a lot of French people and spoke French to non-family members for the first time in 9 months. Visited the natural Halfway Hot Springs.

September 30th – October 24th 2023

Canadian West Coast

Spent time in Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.
Eileen got her control arm replaced and we stuffed ourselves with Asian food.

October 26th – November 14th 2023

US East Coast

Passed through Seattle. Visited family and reconnected with my roots in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.

November 15th – December 1st 2023

Squamish, BC -> Utah, USA

After a 30-hour trip back, I spent two weeks of indecision and laughter with the Primos in Squamish. I did also cut a hole through Eileen’s roof to install ventilation and try to fix my door.

December 5th – who knows?


Who knows anything yet?